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Cold forging heat sink
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Cold forging heat sink

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Product Description

Cold forging heat sink

Features 1.

In production, the forging of the blank without heating is called cold forging. The cold forging materials are mostly aluminum, partial alloy, copper, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and low alloy structural steel with small deformation resistance and good plasticity at room temperature.

2. Advantage:

Cold forging surface quality is good, high dimensional accuracy, can replace some cutting processing, high productivity and material utilization rate, low product cost, suitable for mass production of cold forging, can make metal strengthening, improve the strength of parts, the mechanical performance of the product is good.

3. The shortcomings

3.1 High mold requirements, high processing difficulty coefficient, long processing time, high cost: not suitable for small batch production:

3.2 High material requirements, materials usually need softening annealing treatment or surface phosphating lubrication treatment (cold forging heat sink mainly uses A1010 pure aluminum)

4. Process ability

900T machine, the largest product size :W250*L250mm*H150mm

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