About Us

Dongguan Guancheng Precision Hardware Co., Ltd.  founded in 2015 in dongguan, dongguan humen set up manufacturing plants in mainland China - dongguan cheng precision hardware co., LTD., focusing on manufacturing industries radiator, water pipes, CNC machining metal parts, etc., equipped with advanced production equipment, with production lines, 7 x24 hours uninterrupted production management mode, to meet customer demand. Set market development and customer service, product and technology research and development, manufacturing services as one of the company. Guancheng precision hardware co., LTD. The integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry.

1. Provide the most complete cooling solutions and metal processing parts, so that customers can fully enjoy one-stop procurement services.

1) Radiator: aluminum extrusion radiator, stamping radiator, glulam radiator, riveted radiator, blade radiator, copper block radiator, die-casting radiator, forged radiator, heat pipe radiator, etc

2) Water cooling radiator: riveted tube type water cooling plate, deep hole drilling water cooling plate, expansion tube type water cooling plate, friction mixing welding water cooling plate, die-casting water cooling plate, vacuum brazing water cooling plate

3) Metal parts: stamping sheet metal, aluminum extruded panel shell, CNC finishing parts, automotive processing, friction stir welding products, die casting, forging parts, etc.

2. Full set of independent manufacturing and processing equipment and manufacturing technology in the factory.

A. Powerful CNC machining center: vertical CNC machining machine, 100 sets of CNC machining equipment in total;

B. Complete stamping processing center: 8 tons ~300 tons 15 stamping machines

C. consummate friction stir welding processing center: 2 sets for gantry welding machine

D. Independent and reliable surface treatment production line: degreasing, anodic, chromate, chemical nickel plating and other processes in the factory

E. Complete set of cutting groove, drilling, tapping, sandblasting, grinding, car processing, screen printing, riveting PIN and other processes

3. Complete quality control system

Complete testing equipment: 1 automatic CMM, 1 semi-automatic CMM, 2D projector, salt spray tester, leak tester, roughness tester, hardness tester, film thickness tester, micrometer, etc

Strong quality control team: more than 10 professional quality testing engineers

4. Professional R & D engineering and technical services

Professional heat dissipation laboratory: natural convection testing unit, air cylinder type testing unit, water cooling plate testing unit

Efficient R & D team: 15 professional R & D team to provide professional product design, sample manufacturing, engineering technical services

5. Global sales

The company's main markets are North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, China and other regions, customers are mainly distributed in industrial automation equipment, medical equipment, laser, energy, communications, electronic information, transportation and other industries.

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