Frequently Asked Questions of CNC Vertical Machining Center


Common problem 1: over-cutting of the workpiece
The external reasons for the overcutting of the workpiece are often insufficient tool strength or improper size, while the internal reasons may be irregular operators, improper cutting parameter settings, uneven cutting allowance settings, which lead to too large tolerances, and ultimately cause the workpiece Over-cutting has produced machining errors.
To solve this problem, the margin should be kept as uniform as possible when adding the corner cleaning program, the tool should be used as large as possible, and the SF function of the vertical machining center can be used for micro-scheduling to gradually achieve the best cutting effect.

Common problem 2: Inaccurate score
Centering is the step of the machining center to determine the origin. It can be said that the centering step is inseparable for any operation using the machining center. In addition to inaccurate manual operation by the operator, burrs around the mold, non-vertical sides, and magnetism on the centering rod will cause inaccurate centering.
The machining center must first demagnetize the centering bar before centering the mold; manual operations for centering must be repeatedly checked, and the centering must be kept at the same point and height as much as possible; calibration is often carried out to check whether the four sides of the mold are vertical.

Common problem 3: collision
There is a saying in the machining center workshop: Good technology is caused by machine collision. Although machine collision is now inevitable, a qualified operator of a machining center should have the ability to control avoidable machine collision factors within the range of avoidance. There are various phenomena that cause collisions, and avoidable factors must be controlled in advance.
Avoidable collision factors include insufficient safety height settings; errors in tool length and actual machining depth on the cnc program sheet, errors in the access of the depth Z axis and actual Z axis; errors in the coordinate settings during programming.
Therefore, it is necessary to accurately measure the height of the workpiece to ensure that the safety height of the vertical machining center is above the workpiece; the tool on the CNC program list must be consistent with the actual program tool, try to use pictures to derive the program list; for the actual processing on the workpiece Measure the depth of the tool carefully, and write clearly the length of the tool and the length of the blade on the program sheet.