How is the aluminum alloy shell extruded?


What is the production process of aluminum alloy LED lamp housing:
1. To buy aluminum rods
2. Heat the furnace and put the aluminum rods into the furnace
3. Heat the mold at the same time, and then put the mold to the corresponding mechanical position [The mold is the cross section of the aluminum alloy profile]
4. Extruded profiles to form long materials of aluminum alloy shell [straight strips]
5. Cut long materials at a 45° angle [or length interception] (just adjust the size at the ruler to start cutting. Xiyuemei has an imported 45° angle automatic cutting machine, which is more efficient and accurate. higher)
6. In addition to the accurate size of the ruler, after the short strip comes out, it will be re-confirmed by the vernier caliper. Only the short material with ±20mm is qualified, and then it is welding or splicing.
7. After the frame is formed, it can be taken to oxidize

The box we see is probably such a production process!

In other words, general hardware profiles are produced in this way.
Also, don't ask if there is this kind of length when you buy it next time, just say if there is such a cross section. Because the style structure is fixed, the length is cut according to your needs, and the general inventory is also the village chief's material. Some manufacturers do not have their own extrusion production lines, but only follow-up processing production workshops, that is, they have found a cooperating manufacturer of extruded profiles and directly purchase long materials back for cutting processing.