The design of the water cooled plate and how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages


1. In the cold water plate, the flow rate is used to determine the pipe diameter. Generally speaking, if the flow rate is too high, the flow resistance will be large, and the flow rate is too low and the pipe material is wasted.

2. The inner diameter of the cold plate inlet and outlet is generally set by the customer, because it must match the customer interface.

3. The reasonable design and selection of the internal flow channel of the cold plate is the place that most tests the technical level of a water cooled plate design engineer.

4. A brief description of the design and selection of the internal flow channel of the cold plate:

(1) Consider the customer's requirements for the uniform temperature of the cold plate to design the series-parallel structure and size of the runners, and the temperature rise and flow resistance should be considered for the series connection, and the uniform flow distribution and temperature rise should be considered for the parallel connection.

(2) Considering the customer's restriction on the flow resistance of the cold plate, some simple runner manual calculation results are more accurate.

(3) The difference in the manufacturing cost of different runner forms must be considered, and the mass production cost is very important.

(4) Mechanical strength.

(5) Processing technology.

(6) Manufacturing cost.

water cooled plate

How to distinguish the quality of the water cooled plate, here is a brief talk about some simple identification knowledge of the water cooled plate radiator.

1. Looking at the material, most of the water-cooled heat sinks on the market are designed with aluminum plates buried in copper pipes. This type of water cooled plates using aluminum and copper alloys is more cost-effective and relatively low in cost. Look at the quality of aluminum and copper, whether there are impurities, that is, look at the quality of the raw materials, this is not difficult for everyone.

2. Looking at the process, the material can be the same but the process is different, but the effect of the radiator is completely different. The process must start from two aspects. On the one hand, whether the production is carried out according to the design drawing, and the parameters indicated in the drawing are used accordingly. Check the measuring tools.

3. On the other hand, look at the workmanship of the water cooled plate, because the process of embedding the aluminum plate with copper pipes will cause a problem of adhesion. If there is a gap between the two, it will affect the heat dissipation effect and even cause water leakage. Case. In addition, the copper pipe and the aluminum plate are connected by the buried pipe process, and then processed by the process of polishing or flying surface, so that the whole water-cooled heat sink forms a flat plane, and the quality can also be observed from this plane. Flat, whether the copper tube and the aluminum plate are fused into a plane, gaps or unevenness will affect the heat dissipation effect.

4. Through several aspects, the quality of a radiator water-cooling plate can be roughly judged. If the requirements are high, it can be judged more accurately through the measured data of heat dissipation.

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