Which is better, water-cooled radiator or air-cooled radiator?


The topic of air-cooling and water-cooling has been debated for a long time, and it is difficult for both parties to say who is definitely right or wrong. From our test, people who firmly believe that the heat dissipation effect of water cooling must be better than that of air cooling will make mistakes. The high-end air cooling performance represented by the overclocking 3 GI-R68X is also very powerful, and it exceeds the higher price of the integrated water cooling system. problem. The advantage of integrated water cooling is that the noise control is slightly better. After all, the heat dissipation area of the 240 cold exhaust is too cheap, and the temperature control is indeed easier, but this also causes the water cooling radiator to occupy a larger space, which is precisely the high-end wind. The cold radiator only uses the motherboard space and does not require much space on the side of the chassis. Although the water-cooled radiator has a small water block, the area occupied by the cold row is not small. Players need a larger and better chassis.

There is still a big price difference between the two sides. The air-cooled OC 3 is not listed, so there is no price, but the high-end air-cooled radiator on the market is much cheaper than the water-cooled radiator. The top air-cooled Owl is only 699 yuan. , And the integrated water cooling of 699 yuan is the mid-range price at most, the slightly better integrated water cooling costs 800 to 1,000, and the brand with the higher belief value is sold for one or two thousand.

Therefore, the question of which air-cooling or water-cooling is better, unless you are willing to spend money on flagship-level water-cooling, it is best for players who pursue heat dissipation efficiency to choose a high-end air-cooled radiator. Great, the design of the Cooler G240 water-cooled water pump here is already very good, and there is no annoying pump noise, otherwise you will suffer a lot from this point.