Aluminum extrusion radiator
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Aluminum extrusion radiator

The aluminum heat sink itself is soft, easy to process, and low in cost. This is an excellent heat dissipation material widely used in modern heat dissipation.

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Aluminum extrusion radiator
   The aluminum extrusion radiator is manufactured by heating the aluminum ingot at a high temperature and extruding the aluminum rod, and then injecting the aluminum rod into a grooved mold to make a preliminary aluminum heat sink, and then performing post-processing, forming a one-time aluminum extrusion The heat sink has very good thermal conductivity.
  Aluminum extruded radiator has low cost, excellent heat dissipation material in modern heat dissipation, and stable thermal conductivity
  The extrusion of aluminum extruded radiator is unstable, and the fins of the radiator have different heights and are deformed.

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