Briefly introduce the principle of liquid cooling radiator


The liquid-cooled radiator (water-cooled radiator) takes away a large amount of heat through the friction of the liquid flow and the internal surface of the radiator to dissipate heat. Compared with general air-cooled radiators, liquid-cooled radiators have the advantages of quietness, stable cooling, and less dependence on the environment.
Water cooling plate radiator (liquid cooling radiator)
The heat dissipation performance of a liquid-cooled radiator is directly proportional to the flow rate of the heat dissipation fluid (water or other liquid), and the flow rate of the refrigerant fluid is in turn related to the power of the water pump in the refrigeration system. Moreover, the heat capacity of water is large, which makes the water-cooled refrigeration system have a good heat load capacity.
Copper and aluminum composite liquid cooling radiator

Principle of liquid-cooled radiator: a complete liquid-cooled radiator system is generally composed of water-cooled plates, circulating liquid water pump pipes, and heat exchangers (water tanks). Each part has its own unique function, such as a liquid-cooled plate radiator. The aluminum or copper-aluminum composite has a water channel radiator inside, and the circulating liquid. The liquid circulates in the pipeline through the action of the water pump. When the liquid absorbs the heat of the device, it will flow away from the water block on the device. The new low-oscillation circulating fluid continues to absorb the heat of the device.

It should be noted that although liquid cooling radiators have many advantages, it does not mean that air cooling is not good. Users need to consider various aspects according to the actual situation when choosing a radiator. Crownway radiators have professional sales and The technical team can provide users with professional radiator selection guidance, recommend more suitable heat dissipation solutions for you, and can also develop and design separately according to requirements, provide liquid-cooled radiator customization services, free solutions, and free test for you.