Cold forging heat sink supplier


Advantages of cold forging radiator products:

1. The product of cold forging radiator has superior cold and heat dissipation performance
   The cold extruded radiator is made of 1070 pure aluminum, the thermal conductivity can reach 226 W/mK, and the structure of the cold forged radiator is tighter after forging. The radiator blade can be 0.7mm thick to increase the heat of the radiator product Radiation surface area, and the same as one-piece
The thermal conductivity of the die-cast radiator product material is only about 90 W/mK, and the radiator blades should not be too thin. Although the thermal conductivity of automotive aluminum profiles can reach about 180 W/mK, the automotive aluminum profile radiators It is a split type, and the joint has a huge influence on heat conduction. The heat dissipation performance of the integrated heat sink is only about 60-70% of the same type of material integrated heat dissipation product.
2. Save the cost of radiator products and improve product life
   Compared with conventional automotive aluminum profile radiators and aluminum alloy die-casting radiators, the cold-forged integrated radiator with the same volume and shape can be used for heat dissipation of higher-power radiator products; or two cold-forged radiators with the same volume and shape Conventional aluminum automotive radiators are used on bulbs of the same power, and the integrated cold forging radiator will greatly reduce the internal temperature of the product, which can greatly increase the service life of the radiator.
3. Excellent appearance and texture
   The surface of cold forged radiators can be anodized, and the surface of die-cast radiators cannot be anodized, but can only be painted. Due to thermal expansion and contraction of radiators, the paint may fall off after a period of use, and the paint will also inhibit heat Radiation diffusion affects both the appearance and texture and the heat dissipation of the radiator product. Therefore, cold forging radiators have become heat dissipation components for high-end LED bulbs and spotlights.
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